The Duke “Rape” case as a microscope into hatred…

The Duke “Rape” case as a microscope into hatred…
  • Hatred against men
  • Hatred against capitalism
  • Hatred based on class
  • Hatred based on race

All these things play a part in how many among the radical feminist community see this case.

“Never mind all the evidence that the Duke guys were utter scumbags who are precisely the kind of privileged assholes who only need to take one more step to be rapists.” – a comment by ginmar

Even now that it is conclusively clear that the prosecutor in the Duke case lied, withheld evidence and broke the law to try and bolster a politically motivated conviction the hatred goes on. They simply cannot and never will accept the reality, that this accuser lied.

It is critical to their worldview that they continue several fictions.

  • They must continue to believe that the justice system does not treat rape as a serious crime
  • They must continue to believe that the white and / or wealthy are treated with ‘kid gloves’ by the justice system
  • They must continue to believe that rape accusations are ever used as a weapon

These beliefs are central to their constructed worldview as a victim class. They need those pillars to allow them the moral high ground to attack, slander and revile men and capitalism.

So even after the legal system trashed the lives of rich white boys, even after the national media fell over itself to aid in that destruction they can still whine and cry about how the whole world is against them.

“Cry me a fucking river for those poor oppressed white boys: There’s a rape victim in this and strangely enough people can’t stop focusing on the yawn inspiring plight of the lacrosse players.” – comment by R. Mildred

Even now many among them cling to the fiction that a rape occurred and that we just won’t ever really know what happened. They call upon the accused to prove their innocence and reflexively believe the accuser (they still use the term victim). Hell, some of them have enven now managed to spin this into a fantasy story of the poor stripper being victimized by the police.

It’s amazing really.

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