Take back the blog…

Take back the blog…

 For as long as people have posted opinions on line there have been attacks. To an extent that is expected and inevitable. It is sometimes even a sign of a vigorous passionate discourse.

But there is a line and generally the rational among us can tell when that line has been crossed. In a real way the idea of “Take Back the Blog” is a bout not crossing that line.

Recently the issue came to prominence among the tech blogger’s when it struck Kathy Sierra in a now infamous incident that cause her to cancel a meatspace appearance because of some viscous online threats. Once Scoble saw what was happening he spoke up and the rest is history.

What happened to Kathy Sierra was wrong in and of itself. When you add in the goal of silencing someone else or forcing them to abandon their writing then it gets worse. Lots worse. When a group gets together and does it with apparent malice and intent it becomes, to me, more serious. The recent attacks on Renegade Evolution are a case in point.

More than anything else, Herdwatching is about bringing some light to the darker corners of idiocy. I have some fun, I make some points and I focus attention. Because ‘radical’ activism of all types tends to attract the somewhat unhinged in the population they will always be frequent targets for my writing and one of my constant points is that these people use their cherished victimhood to justify their hate, anger and (self)loathing.

This has been more obvious to many of us in the world of the rational this the past week than ever before. A small group of ‘radical feminists’ (some call them a cult) have been cheering on the efforts of their self elected champion to silence someone they disagree with under threat of physical violence. Those who did not participate in the threat stood idly by. Only a few among those this Stormy idiot claims to be protecting even had the decency to try and distance themselves. And I think I know why…

They are scared of her (Stormy) too.

Why? This little group loosely centered around someone called “Heart” and most recently hanging out at the Genderberg forums have created for themselves a philosophy of permanent paranoia and anger. They generally do almost nothing with their activism but look for reasons to be hurt and ways to strike back. They frequently turn on each women for not being ‘feminist enough’. It is a mob mentality and as such it is just as likely to turn on itself as outward. Inevitably this has created at least one among them who has now shown herself to be capable of acts of blackmail against anyone she thinks is not ‘pure’ enough. And this is not nearly the first time.

When you combine those two things you get an interesting problem… to disagree with Stormy is to be the enemy in her eyes. You know this because you created that attitude and gleefully supported it. To be seen as the enemy is to be the target of an unlimited freedom to do you harm. You know this because you created that attitude and gleefully supported it.

In such a group, if you stand up and say “this is over the line” you run the very real possibility of them turning all that anger on you, and they know all your secrets.

What a sad, desperate place that must be.

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