Trigger Warning: This Discussion of Trigger Warnings Might Trigger You.

Trigger Warning: This Discussion of Trigger Warnings Might Trigger You.

Cat fight! Susannah Breslin over at True/Slant put up a post stating the obvious about the recent upswing in “trigger warning” silliness. Namely that 99% of the time the purpose of using a “trigger warning” is to make sure the readers of a particular blog who are drawn to stuff that annoys them* don’t miss out on a chance to piddle themselves silly and have a good 2 minutes hate.

Susannah did not deny that there are folks with trauma out there and a courtesy warning might be useful. Hell, I have the empathy of a paving stone and even >I< will go out of my way to warn those I care about when I think a scene in a movie might have a negative effect on them. I get the principle, and I think so does Susannah.

Where I agree with her (at least as I read it) is that these trigger warnings in this context are not only mis/over used but  often used dishonestly. The authors who use term rarely intend to protect their delicate readership but rather to titillate them.

Predictably, this sent the whole radical feminist blog-o-sphere into a hyperventilating wankfest that no doubt made their day. Honestly there must be nothing more satisfying for them than to be able to yammer amongst themselves about how misunderstood and hated they are. Oh, and spend time comparing therapy bills to find out who is the most damaged**.

My purpose in this post isn’t just to point and laugh at the moonbats, though that is reason enough. I’m not even planning on a long discussion of trigger warnings themselves. My purpose is more about the timeline watch this story grow. The comments and crosslink’s in the references below will show you how the victim culture feeds itself on it’s own bile. I particularly like how pointing out the misuse of trigger warnings become spun as “mocking rape victims”. Classic Alinsky stuff.

Back to Susannah’s post. I’ll just to quote her here so you too can see how evil she is:

“After some in-depth research (like, half an hour, maybe?), I was able to conclude that, for whatever reason, the feminists are all over their TRIGGER WARNINGS, applying them like a Southern cook applies Pam cooking spray to an overused nonstick frying pan. It’s almost impressive, really. I guess the idea is that blog posts are TOTALLY SCARY, and if you are EASILY UPSET, if you see a TRIGGER WARNING coming, you can look away REALLY FAST, or click elsewhere, so you won’t, you know, FREAK THE FUCK OUT.” in context

She took a whole lot of abuse in both posts and comments for this truth but then, freaking out about reality is really a central tenet of the modern victim politics of which radical feminism is just a small damp spot. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the responses here but feel free to amuse yourself with the following links:

Done? Cool. Amazing how much passion those chicks bring to hating another female. They have a particular zest for it like any angry mob they are only really happy when they are tearing apart someone who could be one of their own.

In all their anger they couldn’t have provided better proof for Susannah’s summation, so I will let it stand on its own here.

“Perhaps most significantly, trigger warnings crystallize everything that is wrong with the current state of the feminist movement, if it can be called that. These days, feminism isn’t a movement at all, really, but a collection of blogs obsessed with the pop culture it claims to be victimized by, a forum for women who promote themselves as victims of a patriarchy that no longer exists, a pretend movement that contains within it no forward movement at all, only a fetal-like desire to curl up on itself, muttering Women’s Studies jargon, and handing out trigger warnings like party favors at a girl’s-only slumber party.” in context

Yup, that about sums it up, though she forget the adjective “radical” in there.


* or simply, radical feminists

** [trigger warning] free box cutter to the winner!


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