Narratives: Wilson Prosecution and more…

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I understand that many people are upset and concerned by the events involving Mike Brown and Officer Wilson. I do. These concerns have been further inflamed by the narrative surrounding these incidents and the influence of the “community leaders” who shape them. But anyone selling the idea that this prosecution was soft sold or mishandled needs to read the court … Read More

Axiom: Don’t fear being an outsider

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Mysterious shadow waiting in the fog a business man . Weird and surreal

Within any social group there is a prevailing “party line” that is at least paid lip service to. This arises quite naturally from the mechanisms humans use to forge and maintain groups. To hold and voice an opinion that disagrees with this accepted truth is to risk being shunned, sanctioned and / or labelled as an outsider. Do not fear this, embrace it. … Read More

Assignment: Gladiator

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Without a doubt Gladiator is one of Ridley Scott’s best and one of the most comprehensively masculine films of recent decades. Russel Crowe’s performance is fantastic and many of the supporting cast also do a fine job. Go ahead and (re)watch it over the next few days and we will discuss this movie and what we can gain from it … Read More

Rise above the herd…

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This domain has been active for a long, long time. For most of it’s life it was a political commentary blog that took detours to make fun of radical feminists. I will be resurrecting the older posts that matter over time, but I am starting over to increase clarity. We will take on the radical SJW and the far left collectivist here, … Read More