A message for individualists – you are not alone.

Here at Herdwatching we are constantly sharpening our focus and looking for ways to be more useful to our core audience. That audience of course is primarily individualists who tend to have a number of traits in common…

  • Entrepreneurs who own or want to control their own income. This includes CEOs, freelancers and startup founders.
  • Staunch supporters of the second amendment.
  • Staunch supporters of the First amendment.
  • Strong on national security.
  • Libertarian or Conservative, with a strongly “live and let live” social policy bias.
  • STEM background or some objectively measurable field of interest… we don’t get a lot of “communication” or “feminist studies” majors here.
  • Consider the social safety net as a temporary last resort, not a primary means of long term support.

Our core audience is essentially everything the far left in the US has been at war with since the mid 1960’s. I’d love to say that we had been holding our own, but the simple reality is that for the last 20 years or so we have been getting our asses kicked. There are a lot of reasons for that to be explored in depth in future posts… but for now it is enough to acknowledge that reality and realize a few important things.

The losses were self-inflicted.

We allowed this to happen. As a group we needlessly ceded many areas of society to those who are actively and openly our enemies. We granted them control over education, we allowed them control of our media and most dangerously we allowed them to gain the ability to redefine the language to control narrative.

It looks dark, but the tide is turning.

Things are dark, and about to get darker. As we have said for almost a year on social media the left will put one of their own in the White House to continue the work of Barack Obama. They will do so by using every ounce of influence they have amassed and every channel they have gained control of. After this election there is no longer any pretense of objectivity in the media, no pretense of impartiality in the government’s justice departments and no illusion that there is any separation between the DNC and extreme left elements that act on their behalf.

This open warfare is comparatively new. For decades the left has amassed this power behind the scenes and while working very hard to maintain the illusion that there was no culture war in progress. They put their thumb on the scale, but always tried to maintain plausible deniability. So why change now? Because they got caught… extremist elements of their coalition acted too soon, got greedy and tore off their mask.

As in any other covert invasion by an enemy, pathogen or parasite when exposed too soon the target/host mobilizes their defenses and can with effort repel the attack. Thus a prematurely exposed invader must either retreat or launch an all out attack hoping for decisive victory. The left believes they are on the cusp of a victory so complete that it will make reversal impossible and this is why they are willing to openly expose themselves in a way they have previously refused to do. They are pouring everything into this fight.

Unfortunately for them, it WAS too soon. The backlash has been swift and strong… much stronger than they ever imagined. Everywhere you look from media and culture to politics resistance is gathering. There are indeed long, dark times ahead of us but you must remember that victory is possible. Free thinking individualists who prefer self-reliance over subservience are stronger willed and more capable than those who thrive on collectivism and second-hand sustenance. It is free thinkers who created the United States, free thinkers who brought down the Soviet Union and free thinkers who created every critical advancement in human history. When we are awake and muster the courage to fight back? We cannot be supressed.

The battle will be difficult, but you can thrive while you fight.

As we say, dark times are ahead and individualists will face challenges on many fronts. In their desire to forever shut down resistance the left will attempt to disadvantage you legally, limit you economically and shut down even the discussion of the ideas that challenge them. In every way they can think of they will tighten their control over every aspect of your life, using the power of the government itself to do so.

And yet, you can thrive. You can thrive because there are always cracks and loopholes in their rules. There are always ways to communicate around the media they control. This is by design because even they understand how fundamentally toxic their stated ideology and methods are. While the rank and file left-leaning collectivist will not acknowledge it, the elite that rides them like a mule understands this. They will not and cannot crack down as hard as Stalin or Mao because in a modern world driven by innovation and technology they need you. If they were to completely stifle individualism and free thought they would also stop the engine of innovation… and that they cannot allow.  They want you in harness, not broken… and this gives you opportunities.

So be of good cheer and firm resolve. Speak your ideas, live true to your ethics, create wonderful things that you control, make piles of money and most of all live well and in association with like minds. The struggle will be difficult and long, but we will prevail as those of our ilk always have… there is no reason to be miserable along the way.

It goes without saying that you should also stay with us here at Herdwatching. We have a lot to share with you as we go!