#thanksobama : How Herdwatching defined a presidency…





When you read Herdwatching you are in great company. Though at the moment there are admittedly only a few hundred of you, it is safe to say you are the thought leaders of tomorrow and blessed with a truly gifted insight. Unless your some sort of hate filled SJW, in which case “your moma”.

What you may not know is that we have global influence. In fact, you (and the Washington Post) might say we defined the Obama presidency. At least, that’s what we are going to say… often.


The tweet in question says this… “Obamas failure is looking to be so complete he will hand the Republicans the white house for another 8 years. #thanksobama #tcot #hcr” . We were talking about 2012 so we were obviously a bit off on that. We do still stand by the evaluation of Obama’s performance.

Big shout out to the Authentic Connecticut Republican for kicking it all into high gear (archive) with his awesome demotivational poster!

Stay tuned, we have lots planned!